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About Us

Our Vision


We understand that the "logistics" element of a customer's business is a "cost" - but with a good logistics solution it can be the difference between the customer coming to you just the once or returning with reoccurring orders or recommendation to others.


At DDS we endeavor every day to provide "our customers" with a solution that meets the needs of them and their customers, at a cost effective rate carried out as professionally and ethically as we can.


We understand that when you entrust us with your business that you are entrusting us with your reputation and your future order books. To that end we ensure that we always go the extra mile, treating your customers as if they were our own. We know that if your customer is happy, then you are happy and more likely to recommend us and use DDS again and again.


This endeavour to offer the highest level of customer satisfaction and service was proven again in 2017 when DDS were assessed and met the Bronze Level requirements of the Freight Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS).


This government lead program is renewed annually and only awarded to companies that can demonstrate that they operate and promote the most stringent and safest policies, processes and procedures in their organsiation. From driver training, through vehicle maintenance to sound back office support and processes, having FORS awarded shows that DDS continues to operate daily to the very highest level.



Delivery & Distribution Solutions Ltd.

Company Profile

The current Managing Director David Smith first created DDS nearly 30 years ago. Initially listed as Delivery and Distribution Services, it provided a sameday delivery and light haulage solution for customers in East London and Essex. With a high proportion of the customers returning to use DDS and picking up the phone to arrange collections again and again it soon became affectionately known as     " DDS ".


As its reputation grew so did its client base, although, to this day, many of the customers who first used DDS in the early 1990's still are using DDS today. 


"The best way to sum up the ethos of the company, is to say "it's run like a family business", in fact, many of our regular customers have become like friends of the family!"



People have a need for sameday deliveries for a variety of reasons, but in the main it's to correct orders or deliveries that have previously gone wrong or to ensure that new or critical customers are given a "top notch" service.


DDS have a reputation of "going the extra mile" thus ensuring that your customers are happy. As we like to ensure that OUR customers are happy we understand how important this is.


In addition to its historic sameday and light haulage solutions, DDS has  expanded its portfolio by offering customers solutions in other aspects of their logistics needs too.


With the senior management team having over 50 years knowledge, expertise and experience of a variety of warehousing, dispatch and distribution solutions (as well as project managing any alterations) it's well placed to offer solutions and advice to any client - regardless of its business sector.


Whilst clients may be aware of alternative companies and suppliers of the services they currently use, they aren't always considerate of solutions used by other business sectors that could easily slot into their operation. The experience of those within DDS Ltd means they can suggest solutions companies would not previously have considered.


With previous investigations and reviews presenting customers with double digit savings totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds, DDS are confident that it can help find and implement cost effective solutions to any customer.  


Today, and now trading as Delivery & Distribution Solutions Limited we are still as active as ever in offering sameday & light haulage delivery solutions but with our ever expanded portfolio of offerings we know we can help with your "Delivery & Distribution Solutions".


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