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Most companies have a need for a sameday delivery solution from time to time for a variety of reasons………


  • Urgent sameday request from customers

  • Correction of failed or incorrect deliveries

  • Urgent "to hand" delivery of paperwork or documents

  • Support to normal delivery vehicles “maxed out” by increased volumes

  • Holiday and sickness putting pressure on normal delivery vehicle


                                      ………to name a few.

Whatever the reason you have in needing a sameday delivery, DDS can help you.









Solutions Puzzle

Whether it's a parcel to Penzance or a pallet to Prague we can provide you with a solution that fullfills your requirement no matter the volume you ship.


With access to the largest parcel and pallet networks across the world we are able to offer both UK and International shipments at prices that won't fail to impress you.


Quite often, if a company's logistics or supply chain set up "does the job" then it isn't often reviewed to see if it can be enhanced or provided at a cheaper price. 


Our experience means we can work with you to examine and implement various options that, at a cost effective price,  meets and often exceeds the service levels and requirements of you and your  customer.




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